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Most of our drinking water comes from the ground. Though it’s completely natural to drink water that comes from the ground, this water can contain harmful pollutants and other substances. While most water goes through a cleaning process before it reaches our faucets, the process doesn’t catch everything. Ensure you’re drinking the cleanest water possible with effective water filtration in Cincinnati, OH.

Don’t just tolerate your water problems–solve them with water softening and water filtration systems from Puronics. We want you to live happier and healthier by having clean water. Ensure the water in your home or commercial building is always clean and ready to use with one of our high-performance water systems.

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Our specialists proudly offer solutions to clean your home’s municipal water as well as water from private wells. We have been thoroughly trained on every product we carry and we’re fully capable of helping you decide which of our water softening and water filtration systems would best serve you. Rest assured that whether we’re performing general water system installations or maintenance on an aged filter, excellent service and satisfaction are our highest priorities.

Your Source for High-Quality Water

Your employees or your family rely on the quality of water that comes from your well or water company. You expect the water to be clean and safe to drink. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that these sources will be as clean as you would like when you’re ready to draw water from the faucet. Make sure that your home or business is safe from the harmful ions that cause hard water. Install a water softening system that will remove harmful minerals and particles from your water so it’s safe to drink, cook and wash with. And, by investing in a water softener, you’re extending the life of your appliances by preventing scale and sediment buildup.

The Importance of Filtered Water

An unpleasant odor is a tell-tale sign that your water quality is questionable. If your water smells or has a bad taste, you shouldn’t have to drink it. Whether the problem is caused by sediment, sulfur or something worse, we have highly efficient water filtration options that will address the problem.

We install systems for your whole property, so your entire building has fresh water coming out of each faucet. Easy to maintain and highly effective at producing some of the cleanest water around, our water filtering systems provide long-lasting and reliable water quality for small and large buildings.

Let us install a high-performance water softening or water filtration system on your property that will help you lead a happier, healthier life.

Contact our company to install a new water filtration product in your home or business. We proudly serve customers in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.

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We can provide you with solutions to fix your well or municipal water problems for residential or commercial properties with our Puronics water treatment and filtration systems. Our team has been thoroughly trained on every system and will be able to help you decide which one will provide you with crystal clear drinking water for many years to come. Excellent service and satisfaction is our top priorities.

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Our Services:

General water treatment installation, maintenance, and service. From the person who answers your call to the technician that comes to your home, all of us here at Puronics Service, Inc.are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.

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