Is a Water Softener Worth It?

Last Updated on April 12, 2021

Are you wondering, “should I get a water softener?”, but you’re unsure if it’s worth it? In short, if you are experiencing the effects of hard water, the answer to your question is yes. In this post, you’ll discover how hard water affects your daily life and how a water softener helps.

What are the Effects of Hard Water?

Will Hard Water Damage It?Water that has an abundance of calcium and magnesium is considered “hard” because these minerals make it difficult for soap to form a lather. This can lead to many different problems, affecting everything from your bathtub to your hair to your clothes. When combined with hard water, soap forms a curd which is difficult to rinse. Not only do you have to use up to twice as much soap and detergent, but it leaves behind a residue.

When hard water is heated, it forms a whitish scale buildup inside of pipes and water-using appliances and on fixtures, such as faucets and shower heads. This scale decreases water flow and creates inefficiency and damage, especially with water heaters. You will probably need to repair and replace your appliances and pipes more frequently if you have hard water. While water softener systems cost something upfront, it’s nothing compared to an entire plumbing renovation.

Another issue that can be caused by hard water is water spots. These are the unsightly white marks that show up on dishes, shower doors, silverware and pretty much anything hard water touches. When your dishwasher is leaving this stains on your dinnerware, you can bet you have hard water.

Is a water softener worth it? When people only consider a water softener system’s cost, they can feel it’s not worth the investment. They need to consider the other side of the equation as well. The costs of keeping their hard water: shorter appliance life, plumbing buildup, dry skin and hair, water spots on faucets and dinnerware and more. These add up in inconvenience, and also in dollars.

How Does a Water Softener Help?

A water softening system makes use of a technology called ion exchange. Calcium and magnesium ions, the minerals that make water hard, are exchanged for sodium or potassium ions. This works because the different ions have different electrical charges. By softening the water, you eliminate the problems associated with hard water.

Your hair, skin and laundry are softer, and you don’t have to use a bunch of conditioner, lotion or laundry softener to make them soft. There isn’t soap scum all over your bathroom and water spots on your fixtures. Your water-using appliances and plumbing last longer. A water softener is the only appliance that saves you money just by using it.

Is Getting a Water Softener Worth it?

A few questions to ask yourself when you’re wondering, “should I get a water softener?”:

  1. What is the retail cost of my water heater, dishwasher, faucets, and other appliances? What value would I gain by adding years to their life?
  2. Does dry skin and hair bother you? What is the extra cost for moisturizing bath products (that don’t actually address the root problem of hard water) and what is healthy skin and hair worth to you?
  3. What money could you save by using less dishwasher soap, fabric softener, clothes detergent and body soap for the rest of your home’s life?

Is a water softener worth it? By reflecting on the true costs of hard water, people can quickly decide what benefits soft water brings to their home. It’s not about the water softener system’s cost; it’s about the price of hard water.

Do you have more questions about getting a water softener for your home? Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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  • Zachary Tomlinson

    My uncle has been seeing a couple of ads about installing a home water softener and he got curious why it’s a thing. The idea of removing the minerals that make the water “hard” is very interesting. Since the water isn’t hard anymore, his plumbing will last considerably longer! I should share this with him so he’d consider installing one.

  • Thomas Clarence

    I’m glad you explained that a water softener eliminates many of the issues that come with hard water. Ever since my wife and I moved into our current house, we have been having problems with our clothes fading and really dry skin. We had no idea that this was caused by hard water, so we are going to have to look into investing in a softener.

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