Salt-Free Water Softener Alternatives: No Salt Water Filtration Systems

Salt-Free Water Softeners: The Truth

The simple truth is this: salt-free water softeners don’t exist. However, if you’re looking for a saltless water conditioner or filtration system, you aren’t out of options. Puronics® provides an alternative solution to salt or other chemicals in your water filtration system. We use advanced ‘Green’ technology to deliver high quality and cost-effective filtration systems. Puronics No Salt systems also incorporate SilverShield® Protection – NASA Technology at work in your home – to reduce the bad taste and odors caused by chlorine in your municipal water.

Why Choose No Salt Water Filtration

Puronics® No Salt Filtration systems reduce the ability of minerals in your water to cause scale build up with additional environmentally-friendly and health benefits. These salt-free water softener alternatives use no salt, no chemicals and no potassium. All without sacrificing the health benefits of calcium and magnesium.

Environmental Benefits

Our Goodspring® BPS and Goodspring® BWS filtration systems produce high-quality water while reducing scale caused by hard water with Puronics’ unique ScaleMax® media. The innovative up-flow valve self-backwashes, eliminating the need for costly special drainage plumbing. Puronics® uses a technology that filters water without back-flushing chemicals or salt back into the earth (like water softeners) and conserves water usage.

Health Benefits

Puronics® No Salt Filtration systems do not use salt, chemicals or potassium, providing the best solution for those with a sodium restricted diet. These no salt water softener alternatives do not remove or add any minerals to your water, allowing the full benefits of ingesting Calcium and Magnesium.

Clarius iGen

Clarius™ iGen® C

The affordable Green solution to Remove Chloramine and Chlorine from Your Water

No Salt Water Filtration Systems

Clarius™ iGen® CW

The Intelligent Way to Remove Chloramine and Chlorine from Your Family’s Water with Green Technology


Clarius™ iGen® CP

Reduce Chloramine and Chlorine in Your Water with the ‘Green’ Solution for Budget-Minded Consumers

Clarius iGen

Clarius™ iGen®

The environmentally friendly water filtration system that utilizes the intelligence of the iGen® valve to monitor your water to optimize water quality.

Puronics Goodspring CWS

Goodspring™ CWS

The ‘Green’ solution for Reduction of Chloramine, Chlorine, and Scale Build-up in Your Water.

Goodspring CPS

Goodspring™ CPS

Protect Your Family Against Chloramine, Chlorine and Scale Build Up With The ‘Green’ Solution!

Goodspring BWS

Goodspring™ BWS

This water filter produces high quality water without the need for special plumbing for waste water while reducing scale build-up with a multi-layered filter media tank.

No Salt Water Filtration Systems

Goodspring™ BPS

Provides all of the water filtration benefits of the Goodspring™ BWS in a fiberglass tank for budget minded families.

No Salt Water Filtration Systems

Clarius-W™ iGen®

The affordable Green solution for crystal clear water is now smarter

manufactured in USA

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