Puronics® provides an alternative solution to salt or other chemicals in your water filtration system. We use advanced ‘Green’ technology to deliver high quality and cost-effective filtration systems. Puronics No Salt systems also incorporate SilverShield® Protection – NASA Technology at work in your home– to reduce the bad taste and odors caused by chlorine in your municipal water.

Why Choose a No Salt Water Filtration

Puronics® No Salt Filtration systems reduce the ability of minerals in your water to cause scale build up with additional environmentally-friendly and health benefits.  Our whole-house No Salt Filtration systems use no salt, no chemicals, no potassium, and no electricity. All without sacrificing the health benefits of calcium and magnesium.

Environmental Benefits

Our Goodspring™ BPS and Goodspring™ BWS filtration systems produce high-quality water while reducing scale caused by hard water with Puronics’ unique ScaleMax™ media. The innovative up-flow valve self-backwashes, eliminating the need for costly special drainage plumbing. Puronics® uses a technology that filters water without back-flushing, chemicals or salt back into the earth (like water softeners) and conserves water usage.

Health Benefits

Puronics® No Salt Filtration systems do not use salt, chemicals, or potassium providing the best solution for those with a sodium restricted diet. Our No Salt Filtration systems do not remove or add anything to your water allowing the full benefits of ingesting Calcium and Magnesium.

Clarius iGen

Clarius™ iGen®

The environmentally friendly water filtration system that utilizes the intelligence of the iGen® valve to monitor your water to optimize water quality.

Clarius W iGen

Clarius-W™ iGen®

The affordable Green solution for crystal clear water is now smarter

Goodspring BWS

Goodspring™ BWS

This water filter produces high quality water without the need for special plumbing for waste water while reducing scale build-up with a multi-layered filter media tank.

Goodspring BPS

Goodspring™ BPS

Provides all of the water filtration benefits of the Goodspring™ BWS in a fiberglass tank for budget minded families.

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