FA Series iGen

FA Series Custom Water Treatment Systems

Does your water present a unique problem?
We have the unique solution.

The Puronics® FA™ series water conditioner is custom designed to resolve your specific water issues. This system is available with four different filter media, allowing you to select the perfect solution for your water’s unique demands. The high quality construction and performance of the FA system provides consumers with the most challenging water a reliable source of high quality water.

  • Iron removal
  • Chlorine removal
  • Acid neutralizer
  • Sediment filtration


  • iGen® intelligent digital microprocessor controls system operations
  • Maintains water usage history to maximize regeneration
  • Tracks water usage and flow rates
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant 1” control valve construction guarantees years of trouble-free efficient operations

See What's Inside

Available Filtration Options

numbered-circle-1 Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

  • Iron in your water causes ugly red stains which can ruin appliances, clothing and fixtures. The FA™ iron removal system utilizes potassium permanganate to immediately oxidize and remove iron as well as hydrogen sulfide from the water supply. This system is ideal for well water, preventing staining, reducing unpleasant odors and leaving great tasting water.


numbered-circle-2 Chlorine Taste and Odor Removal

  • Excessive levels of chlorine in well or municipal water supplies cause water to taste and smell unpleasant. The FA™ carbon filtration system effectively reduces chlorine, leaving delicious, clean, healthy water.


numbered-circle-3 Acid Neutralizer

  • Water with low pH/acid can cause green staining and deteriorate plumbing, fixtures and appliances. The FA™ acid neutralizer eliminates the aggressive conditions of acidic water, bringing the pH level back to a safe level.


numbered-circle-4 Sediment Filtration

  • Multi-sized filtration media effectively remove dirt, turbidity, cloudiness and other suspended debris from your water. This FA™ system cleans your water while reducing odors and improving the taste of your water.
FA Series iGen numbered

Contaminants or other substances which can be removed by the Puronics® FA™ system are not necessarily in your water. Operational maintenance and replacement requirements are essential for the product to perform as advertised. Actual savings achieved are dependent on your particular spending habits and usage levels.

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