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Residential Water Treatment

Puronics® produces a full range of drinking water and whole-house water treatment systems, all of which utilize advanced technology to ensure your family receives the highest quality water.

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We have four styles of water treatment systems:

Water Softeners

Most Puronics® whole-house water softeners incorporate SilverShield® Protection which is based on NASA technology. These systems also utilize the advanced technology of the iGen… the valve so smart it does the thinking for you to monitor your water to optimize water quality and operating efficiency.

Filtramax iGen

Filtramax™ iGen®

A 5-stage stainless steel tank water softener provides the added protection of eliminating suspended solids from your water.

Puronics Terminator iGen

Terminator® iGen®

This 4-stage stainless steel tank water softener will filter and soften your water for years to come.

Puronics Hydronex iGen

Hydronex® iGen®

This 4-stage water softener provides all of the filtration and softening capabilities of the Terminator® iGen® but within a multi-layer media tank.

Puronics Defender iGen

Defender™ iGen®

The 4-stage water softener for budget minded consumers who desire the highest quality water.



Don’t suffer from problem water. Puronics® gives you double the water treatment power.

No Salt Water Filtration Systems

Puronics® ‘Green’ solutions for whole-house high quality water with No Salt, No Potassium and No Chemicals. These systems also incorporate SilverShield® Protection – NASA Technology at work in your home.

Clarius iGen

Clarius™ iGen®

The environmentally friendly water filtration system that utilizes the intelligence of the iGen® valve to monitor your water to optimize water quality.

Clarius-W iGen

Clarius-W™ iGen®

The affordable Green solution for crystal clear water is now smarter.


Goodspring™ BWS

This water filter produces high quality water without the need for special plumbing for waste water while reducing scale build-up with a multi-layered filter media tank.

Goodspring BPS

Goodspring™ BPS

Provides all of the water filtration benefits of the Goodspring™ BWS in a fiberglass tank for budget minded families.

Problem Water Treatment Systems

If you have problems with chlorine, chloramine, iron, sulfur, HAAs, or acid in your water, we can help. Puronics® produces water treatment systems customized to address your unique water issues to produce high quality water.



Concerned about Chloramine in your Water? We have the Solution for Crystal Clear Water!

Ironmax iGen


Ideal for well water treatment, this ‘Green’ technology removes iron, manganese and sulfides to produce crystal clear great tasting water.


FA™ Series

The water treatment system that is customizable to fit your needs- chlorine taste and odor removal, acid neutralization, or sediment removal.

Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Puronics® drinking water filtration systems utilize Reverse Osmosis (RO) to produce the highest quality water for all of your family’s drinking water and food preparation, eliminating the need for bottled water.

Micromax 7000

Micromax™ 7000

The 4-stage, low-profile, sleek, durable filter is designed to mount easily under the sink for years of the highest quality water production.

Micromax 6500

Micromax™ 6500

This 5-stage filtration system provides maximum water quality and performance in a low maintenance package.

Micromax 6000

Micromax™ 6000

This 4-stage drinking water filtration system provides high quality water for budget minded families.

Pur-Alkaline filter

Pur-Alkaline Filter

Out with the bad, in with the good. Healthy water the way Mother Nature intended.

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