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How We Collect Reviews:

Thousands of brands trust Feefo to independently collect reviews from their customers – and those customers know that Feefo reviews are the real deal. We believe that only authentic reviews are worth collecting: genuine feedback that has been matched to a transaction. See for yourself what our Puronics® customers have to say in their filter and water softener reviews:

What Makes the Best Water Softeners and Filters?

Water softener systems are an investment. You want to know that your system will work well. You want to know that the company you purchase from can be trusted. Here are key topics and points of concern for many first-time water system buyers:

1. Effectiveness. How good is my system at filtering contaminants or softening hard water?

First and foremost, homeowners want their systems to work. At a basic point, you don’t get positive water softener reviews if your systems don’t work. It’s because results are easy to see, and instantaneous from the moment you install a quality water softener system: smooth skin, cleaner dishes, softer laundry, the list goes on. When you’ve lived with hard water in your home, you can definitely feel the difference when your water is free of hardness minerals. The same goes for filtration systems. When a homeowner has fought high iron content in their water, they can tell when their water is finally clear. While scientific measurements of grains per gallon and microscopic flecks are precise in measuring hardness and purity of water, the real measurement is in the homeowner’s eye, as they can finally be relieved of their water quality problems.

2. Maintenance. How long will my system last? How much effort will it take to keep my system in tip-top shape?

Many systems work well at the beginning, but require arduous amounts of maintenance and labor to keep up. Puronics® smart valve options make sure that your filter and water softener systems stay functioning with minimal input. Regeneration of resin beads in water softeners takes place at low-traffic hours. The display notifies you when it’s time for replacing or refreshing filters. The best water softener system is the one that helps you take care of it.

3. Company and Technicians. Will it be a difficult installation process? Will the company honor its guarantees? Are technicians helpful and respectful?

Many of the Puronics® filtration and water softener reviews focus on the technicians who install it. This makes sense — it doesn’t matter if you have the best water softener system on the market if you can’t trust the people you purchased it from. Puronics® honors all our warranties, all of our dealers are held to the highest standards and we’re proud to have some of the best technicians in the industry working in collaboration with our brand.

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