Helpful Tips for Dealing with Hard Water in Your Home

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Many homeowners have the tough task of dealing with hard water. Hard water is simply water that has a high mineral content, but it can be a nuisance to deal with in your home, and an expensive one at that. Hard water can lead to an increased water bill and also cause problems in your appliances such as your dishwasher or washing machine. Here are a few helpful tips to combat any hard water problems you might be dealing with currently, or solve your hard water problems altogether!

Use Vinegar for Those Tough Hard Water Stains

Vinegar is great for combating any stains that hard water might leave. Hard water can leave buildup almost anywhere in your house but is most commonly found in the bathroom. Showerheads, bathtubs and sinks are all hotspots for any buildup or debris that hard water might cause. Vinegar is a great tool to help you remove limescale buildup anywhere that you might find in your home.

Since vinegar has the ability to irritate the skin, you should wear gloves during this process. To remove any limescale, simply soak a towel or cloth in vinegar and begin wiping in circular motions. Depending on the level of cleaning needed, you may need to repeat this more than once, or soak the area in vinegar for longer periods of time. Vinegar is a simple and effective solution for any hard water buildup in your home without having to buy a brand-name cleaner with mixed results.

Opt for Specialty Cleaning Products

If vinegar isn’t your desired cleaning solution and you’re looking for something a little more store-made, look into a few cleaners for hard water. Depending on your household situation, different cleaners may be more effective for your needs. Aspects such as the hardness of your water, if you have children or pets, can affect the type and strength of cleaning products you may prefer.

If you have younger children or pets, look for a non-toxic cleaner for your hard water stains as these are completely safe. Some cleaners come in the form of a gel instead of a liquid, and can even help prevent future hard water residue from forming. If you have larger or more concentrated stains, you could opt for a stronger solution or one that comes with a cleaning tool. There are several great specialty cleaning products available, so find the one that best fits your home and needs!

Find a Salt-Free Water Conditioner

Unfortunately, finding a “salt-free water softener” isn’t possible as they don’t exist! All water softeners use salt in some form to combat hard water, however, a salt-free water conditioner is an option. A conditioner simply means that it improves the quality of water in your home, and depending on the type of conditioner, this can range from inhibiting scale buildup to improving the odor or taste, or other aspects of your water. While a salt-free water conditioner can greatly improve the quality of your home’s water, it, unfortunately, doesn’t remove the calcium and magnesium which cause the hard water spots. For that, you’ll be better off looking into a full-fledged water softener.

Invest in a Water Softener System

As a reliable catch-all to soften water in your whole house, consider investing in a quality residential water softener. Installing a water softener in your home ensures that all your water throughout the house is soft for you and your family. Benefits include softer skin and hair, preventing buildup in piping, decreasing your detergent usage and more.

If you choose the route of installing a water softener, it might also be beneficial to consider a few home warranty plans, as this protects your home and appliances from future wear and tear, and ensures your water systems are protected should anything happen.

There are many different ways people can tackle the problem of hard water within their homes, each having pros and cons. While hard water can be a nuisance, having the right cleaning methods can make your life much easier. Salt-free water conditioners are a great option for those most concerned with the health of their pipes and appliances. Water softener filter combo systems have been proven to be effective at removing undesirable chemicals and minerals from your water, leading to better tasting, smelling, and purer water. While all options are effective, you get to choose which one fits your home best!

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