I Wish I Had Installed a Water Softener Filter System Sooner

Last Updated on March 25, 2021

Sue is not just a Puronics employee; she’s also a satisfied customer.

When Sue moved into her home in 2001, she didn’t know anything about hard water and the damage it causes to household plumbing. Over the years, she’s had to replace dishwashers and other appliances. In 2014, she started working at Puronics, and she learned about hard water. Suddenly, the sound of pebbles popping around in her water heater made sense. She needed to get a water softener filter combo system installed.

“I wish I had installed my system sooner,” she says. Because of the damage from hard water, she’s had to replace the plumbing in both of her upstairs bathrooms and the ice maker in her fridge. Having the system ensures her new plumbing will remain in good condition. Plus, she says, the water tastes great. “I can drink the water straight from any tap in the house, even the shower.”

How complicated is maintenance? Sue says she doesn’t even think about it. She checks the brine tank once a month. Once a year, a technician comes and replaces the SilverShield® HYgene® filter media.

What is her advice to people thinking about purchasing a water system? “Do it now. You’ll be so thankful in the long run.” Virtually spot-free dishes, shower doors and cars. Great tasting water from every tap. Protecting your plumbing and appliances from hard water damage. These are just a few of the reasons she encourages customers not to wait.

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